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About Midnapore/Medinipore.

Medinipur, formerly Midnapore, town West Bengal state, E India, on the Kasai River. It is a district administrative center and has textile and chemical manufactures. A canal links Medinipur with Calcutta.
The main cities of Midnapore are Midnapore, Kharagpore, Contai, Haldia, Tamluk(Tamralipta). Haldia is the Industrial city on the bank of Hadi river and is a port on the bank of Hoogly River. Midnapore has been devided into two parts for ease of administration in 2002. The east part is the District of East Midnapore and west is the district of West Midnapore.
The main rivers are Hoogly, Kasai, Subarnarekha, Rasulpur, Damodar, Roopnarayan, Silaboti, Haldi.
The district is connected with Calcutta and Bhuwaneswar through Railways.

The main crop in Midnapore is Paddy. The main fruits are Kaju(Cashew Nut), coconut. The birds like swallow, doves, pigeon,sparrow, kite,koel

Great Persons of Midnapore

Vidyasagar(means Ocean of Learnings) (1820-1891), was a writer and social reformer of Bengal, was born at Birsinha in the Midnapur district in 1820. He appealed for Widow marriage and The British government responded; the act was passed in 1856, and some years after Iswar Chandra's own son was married to a widow. In the last years of his life Iswar Chardra wrote works against Hindu polygamy. He was as well known for his charity and wide philanthropy as for his educational and social reforms. His large income, derived from the sale of school-books, was devoted almost entirely to the succour of the needy; hundreds of young men owed their education to him; hundreds of widows depended on him for their daily bread.The Indian government made him a Companion of the Indian Empire in 1880. He died on the 29th of July 1891. (R. C. D.)

Khudiram Bosewas born on 3rd Dec 1889 in Habibpur, Medinipur of Laxmipriya Devi and Troilokyanath Bose. He was this hero who threw the first bomb on the British who were crushing India. Even while at school, he was attracted towards the sacred words VandeMataram!' (I bow to Mother India!) and plunged into the war of independence. The boy of sixteen defied the police. At the age of nineteen, he became a martyr, with the holy book the Bhagavadgita (the Divine Song) in his hand and with the slogan Vande Mataram' on his lips

Matangini Hazra ( Gandhi Buri) : The Cripps' proposal came under severe criticism. Gandhiji expressed his disillusionment of the concept of co-operation between Hindus and Muslims. Congress launched the Bharat Chodo Andolan or Quit India movement on Aug. 8, 1942. Gandhiji introduced the mantra: 'Karenge ya marange: Do or die.' But even before the movement started, the British threw all the national leaders behind bars. Many people gave their lives in the hands of British at this time. Seventy year old Matangini Hazra was shot dead in Medinipore. The Quit India Movement was subdued totally by October, 1942, in two and a half months.

Ancient Places

Datan is a small city at South part of Midna pore. It's heard that The king of Bengal, Bihar ,Orissa( till Ganjam District) Shashanka around seven hundred AD made a pond which is known as Sarshanka now.
Midna pore was famous for giving birth of great freedom fighers of India. Tamluk, formerly Tamralipta was a Business Port of Ancient India. For the Sen Dynasty of Bengal it was the main port for communication towards south-west asia. Tamluk is now the District head-quarter of East Midnapore.
Dariapore is a small place towards west of Contai on the bank of the meeting point of river Ganges with Bay of Bengal. The Place is famous for the Bunglow of the District Magistrate Bankimchandra Chatterjee. He wrote his 2nd novel Kapalkundala in this place. In memory of this yearly Bankim Mela( cultural gathering of peoples) is held in Dariapur. And a quarterly magazine Kapaliker Bicharan Bhumi is published from here.
Bahiri near Contai also has some old great temples to visit.


Vidyasagar University.


Digha is a Coastal tourist spot in Midnapore. Dariapur is a great place to visit.

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