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HI! IT's ME!

"Life ain't nuthin' but a bubble,
Life ain't nuthin' but trouble"


I am sumankumar pramanik.Who love me most call me as Titu, my nick name which i got after the name of a very naughty boy of Bhopal.Still i have a very lovely name given by my frinds.They call me Baag.

I hail from a village of WestBengal.The village with all it's muddy roads,illeteracy, poverty and simple peoples, is loved to me all the time.All the green trees,paddy fields,ponds still can remember this naughty guy's childhood.I remember most the rainings of my village.I hardly get time to spend in this heaven.

I like from going into the rain to the writing programmes.I like to explore joy in the small things which most left behind.I like to believe in attitude and it's everything to me.I am great follower of Swami Vivekananda.I like to believe in God.I believe in Indian philosophy of life.

I like to thanks for visiting my homepage. Please, don't forget to sign on my Guest Book. Please come again, my homepage is regularly updated.